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Sunday Morning Worship

Join us for Worship at 10am every Sunday. The service takes about an hour and is followed by morning tea in the Church Hall. Sunday School is held on the second Sunday of the month. Music group assists in worship on the last Sunday of the month. Seasonal choirs sing at Christmas and other times.



Click here to find the PCANZ lectionary

for the year.

Holy Communion

is celebrated on the following Sundays:


Quarterly communion:

Easter Day in March/April

2nd Sunday in June
1st Sunday in September 
1st Sunday in December 


World Communion

1st Sunday in October


Other monthly communion:

1st Sunday of every other month


Everyone is welcome. It is the Lord’s Table – open to all those who love Christ.

Church Seasons

At Opoho we move through the church year beginning with Advent, (the four Sundays before Christmas) when we await the birth of Jesus, through the light of Epiphany into the darkness of Lent (the six weeks before Easter).


Then we celebrate the joy of Easter, followed by the Spirit’s coming at Pentecost. At Harvest festival; we donate the display to the Foodbank. The long season of Pentecost is interrupted by the month-long creation season in September.

Seasonal Children's Church is held. with 5pm services and a shared meal for Easter, Pentecost, Creation season and Christmas.


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