Opoho Presbyterian Church is a friendly, multigenerational church, in the suburb of Opoho above the Botanic Gardens in Dunedin, New Zealand.

We welcome all people interested in living an abundant life in God, through following Jesus Christ.

We embrace a diversity of views and embrace and enjoy this diversity, always seeking answers and welcoming questions.

We meet on Sundays at 10 and at other times. Come and join us!

Our mission

The God we gather to worship calls us to share the good news Jesus Christ brought us, and to help each other become part of what God is doing around us, being actively involved in the life of our community and nurturing each other in a fellowship of accepting love.



Morning worship services resumed on Sunday, 7 June.

Visit us
50 Signal Hill Road

Dunedin 9010

New Zealand

Monthly newsletter
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Psalm writing at Opoho

A small group of us meet every two or three months to encourage each other with our with our psalm writing.

A collection of psalms from the first two years of the group is now available.

Sunday morning alone

It is ten am on Sunday and suddenly

            I feel flat, lost, wrong.

Where am I? Where are they?

            I know where they are not.


Nobody is turning on the hot water, setting out the cups.

Nobody is practicing an unfamiliar hymn on the organ.

Nobody is setting out crayons and small scissors.

The building squats silently like the pile of bricks it is.


It is ten am on Sunday and I suppose I do know where they are.

            They are where I am.

            Home.  Not out.  Staying In.

I want them to do that.

            Stay apart to stay safe.


No combing hair, putting on nice coat.

No remembering to bring cans for the food bank.

No hurrying to pick up older neighbours on time.

The building waits silently for anyone to come.


It is ten am on Sunday

            Dull, dark, alone, bored,

We are not bathed in the glow of sun through coloured glass.

            We shelter in place.


We are not standing together singing

We are not sitting intently listening

We are not laughing together at a child’s antics

The building sits silently listening for any small noise.


It is ten am on Sunday

            And I miss you all.

Abby Smith

3 May 2020

Sunday morning together

Sunday morning dawns late and cold in June--

            but suddenly I am smiling.


Today the hot water will be turned on, the cups will be set out

Today the organ will play, the people will sing

Today children will drop crayons and make noise

Today the doors will open.


Zoom contact and videos at home were okay --

            but going out is better.


Let’s comb our hair, fumble around in the closet for the nice coat.

Let’s remember the name tags and cans for the food bank

Let’s greet each other on the way up the hill, wave, laugh, smile

Today the doors will open.


Leave the dark and silence and loneliness behind --

            shed the old skin and emerge new and shining.


Come! to stand together singing

Come! to sit and listen and pray

Come! to laugh together

Today the doors will open.


Open the doors!  Start the music!  Turn on the sunshine!  Praise the Lord!

It is 10 am on Sunday…

            and we are together again!

Abby Smith

7 June 2020